Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your home for the best possible inspection:

Make sure no car is parked under attic access if in garage.

Remove personal belongings under scuttle hole or disappearing staircase.

Remove any personal property or shelving that may block.

This is the period you purchase (by paying the Due Diligence Fee) from the Seller to inspect the Property. During this period your Earnest Money is protected in Escrow. Various inspections include but are not limited to radon, mechanical, structural, surveys, etc. We are talking $1,000+ for inspections and those are paid whether you close on the property or not. Not to scare you, we just want to be sure it’s a top contending property.

If locked, please unlock for inspection.

One big issue for windows is seal failed glass. Dirty windows can make it very difficult for inspector to determine.

If needed, dirty filters make inspectors and buyers feel you aren’t maintaining equipment.

Inside & out – this way the inspector doesn’t questioning if the light fixture works or not.

Dogs need to be crated or removed – also check for doggie “land mines” since inspector will be walking around outside of house.

Any wood or paper under deck or crawl is a huge draw for termites.

This helps inspector ensure all items are workable.

Termite inspector must be able to see the bottom of walls around garage. Move stored items away 1’ or so.

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