At Oasis Realty Group, representing you is our first concern. We will work hard to be your best adviser and champion during the house selling process. Less anxiety and smoother procedures will help you sell your home as quickly and for the greatest price possible. An overview of how to get ready to sell your property is provided below.

Finding a trustworthy real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you can make when buying or selling a home.

When it comes to timing the sale of a home, the market and the time of year aren’t the only factors to consider. You should also consider your financial situation and living situation, as well as the condition and value of your current home.

This is the formal timeframe, which includes all necessary listing documentation, a staging consultation if needed, professional photos/video, home measurements, and any repairs that must be accomplished.

Marketing, Showings, Open Houses, Prospecting

After all offers are presented to you, we will be break down each offer to you by highlighting the terms and conditions including a seller net sheet. We will review each offer in detail, answer any questions you may have. Whether you accept, reject, or counter an offer it will ultimately be up to YOU!

A due diligence fee may be paid to you, the Seller, by your buyer. At closing, this charge is subtracted from the sales price of the home. Your buyer will conduct inspections, appraisals, and any other necessary research during this time to decide whether this is the right property for them and whether they want to move forward with closing.

Although it is common practice to submit repair requests and negotiate a credit and/or repairs for the Buyer in most situations, properties are sold AS IS in NC*, therefore you, the Seller, are not required to make repairs.

If your Buyer plans to finance the acquisition of your property, the Buyer’s loan team will commission an independent appraiser to determine the property’s worth. At this point, a third party appraiser will be hired by the buyer’s lending team to determine the property’s value. There may be extra negotiations if there is a difference between the appraiser’s value of the property and the price for which the house is under contract.

The buyer can plan any property inspections they would like, including visits from licensed inspectors, contractors, and property surveyors, during this inspection period. It is normal for the Buyer to have access to the house during these visits (with their agent present) and without you being there. To alleviate the inconvenience to you, we ask that these visits be combined as much as feasible.

Any negotiations made to the purchase contract must be agreed to in writing and signed off by all parties. If any repairs were to be completed, these must be done before closing.

CONGRATS! Your buyer has been given the green light to close on your home.

Closing normally takes 30 to 60 minutes at an attorney’s office. Once the deed has been recorded, keys and proceeds from your home will be dispersed.

After you close, we’ll stay in touch with you!

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